Wall & Window

AMI-Mosaic Resin Wall design

The use of resin mosaic is ideal for the coating of kitchens, bathrooms, hammams, spas, swimming pools and buildings facades, but it can be used in multiple ways.

– Flexible & easy to apply
– Thin & Light weight
– Water resistant and Waterproof
– UV-Resistant

Thin and light
Resin mosaic is thin (only 2/3 mm thickness) and very light. It only weights 1,2 kg per square meter and it can be applied to supports that cannot stand heavy claddings.Thanks to its lightness, the resin mosaic can be easily shipped

Flexible and easy to apply
Resin mosaic is flexible enough to be applied to curved, concave, convex, irregular surfaces and sharp edges. Simply and quickly placed to many surfaces: walls, ceilings, doors and even on top of old tiles with no need to removing them. Thus, it is time and cost effective. It is normally provided with the exact measurements required but, if necessary, you can simply cut the pieces with scissors.

Uv resistant
Resin mosaic can be also used outside keeping the colours bright and intense since they are protected by the resin. Completely reliable in any weather condition.

100% Customised
Design resin mosaic can also be produced on golden or silver surfaces. Resin is glossy by nature, but the product can also be provided with a matte finish.

Sizes application mats:
The resin mosaic will be provided in approx. 20×20 cm sized tiles (mats), together with an assembly drawing. Each tile will be numbered according to the pattern in order to build the original image easily during application. Delivered with mesh to be grouted.

Sizes and shapes:
Square 2×2 cm; 5×5 cm; 10×10 cm
10×20 cm


To simplify the installation process, you will be provided with an arrangement chart showing the mosaic layout.