Hygienic Digiclad Wall System

Create the right impression with a bespoke design on your wall. From a calming coastal landscape in a hospital ward to a bold art-impression in a reception area or restaurant, the only limit is your imagination. Digiclad Wall System is created by reproducing a photographic image or vector art with a special cladding, with consistent, photographic quality. Hard-coat technology provides scratch-resistant properties for added surface protection, making this product ideal for areas where durability is important.

Digiclad Wall System is the perfect solution for creating appropriate surroundings for those with dementia, and older people. It can help with way-finding as well as making environments less clinical.

Typical applications:
-reception / leisure / retail areas
-canteens / serveries / vending areas
-recovery / wards / intensive care areas
-doctors / dentists / veterinary practices
-shower / toilet / changing room areas
-corridors / classrooms / swimming pools

Technical Services Department available

Material: Extruded semi-rigid PVCu sheet
Finish:   Satin 
Sizes & weight:
Thickness: 2.5mm – Size: 2500 x 1250mm – 3000 x 1220mm sheets can be CNC routed and cut to suit setting out and jointing configurations  Weight: 3,6 kg/ m”
Print:   UV print

The sheets can be fixed directly to most dry substrates depending on their surface suitability
Characteristics: Can be jointed in different ways
Water-resistant:  yes, and resistant to a wide range of chemicals
General info: It is ideal for applications requiring a hygienic easy-to-clean, almost maintenance free wall finish. Made to order with 21 day lead time

Visual Textile Film for window

This textile film is the only window covering. The textile is both moisture and heat resistant and is ideal for custom or special applications.
Made of a transparent substance that makes it possible during the day looking outside, but hinders the view looking inside. With
this textile film, therefore, enjoys your privacy and your view.
It keeps a large part of the solar heat outside and is ideal as a sunscreen solution. Resistant to the heavy solar intensity and extreme humidity. It is an open breathable textile and is therefore compatible in contrast to plastic window film.
HR ++ (+) – glass or high efficiency glass.
wide 130 cm

Stainless Steel Deco-Panels

Steel Deco-Panels offers architects and designers the opportunity to create customized products thanks to this unique digital printing process on stainless steel.

Beautiful results as we can print any image with different finishes: polished, bead blasted, scotch brite and electro colored.

This product range can be easily applied to facades cladding and large surfaces. The panels can be used in the most hostile environments due to the unquestionable resistance, prestige and environment-friendly properties of austenitic stainless steel.

Sheets up to 1250×3000 mm.