Safety Glass indoor – outdoor

Application KristalPrint

KristalPrint is very suitable for unique patterns on different panels. By using the GlassJet, the first industrial printer that prints directly onto glass. It is a flatbed that is suitable for any glass application: indoor, outdoor, automotive, appliances, furniture – wherever creativity on glass can be useful.That is why the application offers a great deal of freedom, both aesthetically and functionally. You can use color and design in countless ways on dimensions up to 3700x2400mm per panel. KristalPrint is extremely suitable as a wall covering for new construction or renovation projects, both for interior and exterior. Balustrades, partitions, monuments and art projects can also be provided with our ceramic prints.

Safety glass: Ceramic-printed glass is heated in our curing oven to around 700 degrees Celsius. With this heat, the ceramic ink melts together with the glass surface, making the print scratch-resistant. At the same time, the panels are transformed into safety glass due to the high temperature. This means that the panel is 10 times stronger than before the process and the glass breaks into small, blurry pieces in the event of a break.

Sustainable: At KristalPrint we use inks without toxic and heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. Ceramic-printed glass is recycled in the same way as ordinary glass and is therefore a sustainable and green application. In addition, the glass is easy to clean and the colors are UV and weather resistant. KristalPrint is therefore very suitable for external applications under different weather conditions.

Versatile product: KristalPrint is a versatile product and can be combined in many ways. You can think of different types of glass, many types of films and laminating with textile or other material. A combination with printed PVB foil can give an extra dimension to the ceramic print. Do you want to have panels with print laminated with a special textile type? Do you want to merge the printed panels with shiny mirrors, or use luxury matte satin glass? Innumerable options and combinations are possible. We are happy to think along with you!

It is highly suitable for:

  1. Interior and exterior
  2. Larger projects with varied designs
  3. Extensive color palette
  4. Continuous images across multiple glass panels
  5. Projects with a high level of detail
  6. Solid area and grid patterns

The color perception is partly determined by: • Glass type • Coverage • Light incidence and lighting color • Application of the product color perception