How it works?

ARTmeetsINTERIOR delivers custom printed luxury products for customized and personalized interior projects related to private, public or commercial destinations, such as offices, prestigious hotels, restaurants, yachts, private jets, spa and wellness centers, etc.

Every product is unique: Our diversity of innovative materials & products offers extensive possibilities and support to professionals for bespoke interiors. Every digital art print is based on real art with high-definition and photo-realistic designs.

Find your ideal art image(s) in the online gallery with different kinds of categories and styles, or create your own authentic and unique design or pattern. Our graphic designers are there to work out your special requirements.

Nice to meet You!

Inspiration is on the House

Be  different  and  use  Art  Smart!

Complimentary Interior

Design Consultation

We are here to help and assist you with your decorating and designing needs and inquiries. Our team has also specialized graphic-designers for pattern work and special requests to fit your style & design. Let yourself be guided through this innovative digi-world where Art meets Interior.

Why  digital  printing:

  • Innovative techniques with superb print quality
  • Made to order
  • Flexibility in design applications
  • Wide range of products
  • Sustainable & environmental friendly
  • No waste – no stock
  • Relatively short lead times
  • Extensive collection; one-stop-shop
  • From design to end product

Set  your  artistic  tone!

  • Limited art print-images; original artwork and sculptures
  • A user fee applies to each image for printing per project
  • PRINTERIOR design-service with intern graphic designers
  • Each artwork can be transformed to unique designs and patterns
  • High-end quality products from European manufacturers
  • Materials printed with high-tech and extreme precision
  • Custom made to order
  • Ready-made products printed with any art image
  • Unique on-site creation by artist or exclusivity right on art work