Product Presentation The Netherlands


Art meets Interior product launch
Art meets Interior launches an innovative concept in Gallery SHE-ART on September 16. In which contemporary international art merges with interior objects in a unique way.
It will show an extensive collection of selected artistic works of art-prints. It is now possible to make an exclusive and customized statement with every desired creation for the most diverse interior designs.

The concept in a nutshell
Art meets Interior selects the most talented autonomous artists and photographers who can offer their art in high-quality exclusive print-images. The prints are then used as wall, floor and window decoration, but also on cushions, carpets, various textiles, furniture and even as ceramic wall décor. This is how Art meets Interior, where interior design can be lifted worldwide to a truly exclusive and artistic level. In addition, all materials are manufactured to the highest quality standards of European manufacturers. So, Exclusive with a capital E.