LAMP BASE & (custom) SHADE

ARTmeetsINTERIOR has a collaboration with Axis71, ‘haute couture’ in Lighting from Belgium.

We can supply of the collection ‘Memory’ the base inclusive the standard shade, or with a custom AMI-Art-shade:

  • MEDIUMBASE: 22 X 22 cm – TOTAL HEIGHT: 60cm – SHADE: 33 X 33 X 23cm H
  • READINGBASE: 22 X 22 cm – TOTAL HEIGHT: 150cm – SHADE: 33 X 33 X 23cm H
  • BIG: BASE: 22 X 22cm – TOTAL HEIGHT: 170cm – SHADE: 33 X 33 X 23cm H
  • XL: BASE: 40 X 40cm – TOTAL HEIGHT: 200cm – SHADE: 65 X 65 X 45cm H
  • XXL: BASE: 65 X 65cm – TOTAL HEIGHT: 255cm – SHADE: 100 X 100 X 60cm H
    *Mentioned shades are standard sizes, can be customised

ART in  the  Darkness

Digital printed blender


We can supply custom digitally printed lampshades of the following materials:

  • Chintz fabric
  • Polycoton with a semi-glossy effect
  • Velvet (Velours)
  • Our luxury textile wallpaper

Lampshade can be printed inside & outside. With, or without blender. Blender can be printed as well.
Lining possible in different colors, incl gold and silver.

Blind finish, or with a piping edge.

We can deliver exceptional sizes, shapes and frames on demand. We can even deliver your own designed lamp bases!

Standard sizes frames and shapes:
  • Round: from 40 cm up to XXL (220 cm, or even bigger)
  • Oval: L80xW30cm/ L110xW30cm/ L150xW50cm/ L200xW50cm
  • Square: different sizes with straight or rounded edge (recommended for sizes from 100cm)
  • Rectangular: from 30x60cm up to 70x350cm (or, on demand)
  • Tapered: diameter up to 220cm; Height up to 120cm
  • ‘Donut’: different sizes

* Inform about our acoustic custom Lamps & Lampshades!

EXCEPTION user-fee (one-time payment) as indicated in the AMI-Gallery for the chosen Art image for lampshades applies here:

  • 2-4 pcs will be charged 50% of the user-fee as determined by the artist (minimum order 2 pcs)
  • 5-10 pcs will be charged 75% of the user-fee as determined by the artist
  • from 10 pieces: one-off full user-fee as determined by the artist

* Light Column: Sizes from 1.35m – Including Led-dimmerCustom made