CSD Glass & Perspex Partitions

Beautiful room dividers with applied art for the desired atmosphere or the ‘safety distance’. Physical boundaries, such as screens and partitions are the ultimate solution. Our partitions are decorative and multi-functional.

Products to print on: Safety glass, plexiglass and Poly Carbonate (PC). The PC screens have the highest fire resistant norms.

Experience the FLEX-FLAG and the PIROUTTE-CIRCLE partitions; unique designs adjustable in height and width. Printed with high resolution art images, your own image and/or logo on perspex panels. Our mobile dividers are specially designed and easily placed where desired: next to a desk or table, lounge area, between the bar-stools, at (wall) benches, or just to divide or decorate.

Our printed acrylate screens are re-usable as wall decoration, or, with a glass screen as a unique tabletop
NOTE: tabletop needs special coating or glass top



Semi-transparent prints with unique Art experiences

The products of Customised Safety Design (CSD) are digitally printed with High Resolution art-images from artists collaborating with ARTmeetsINTERIOR.

Please visit our website for more information about this product: www.customisedsafetydesign.com