Wall-to-wall Carpeting & Rugs

Our on-demand printed carpets and Rugs are of the highest quality manufactured in Germany. As the only company in the world, they have streamlined their processes to truly leverage every aspect of digital printing. Utilizing digital printing with process colours along with sophisticated digital colour management techniques, where the smallest details are printed very sharply.
We offer tailor-made rugs or floor-islands into the shape you want; from small to very big, from isle-shaped to elongated.

The Polyamide carpet flooring complies with the most stringent international regulatory standards which are necessary for public- (high traffic areas) and residential projects. Strong and resilient.
Tufted with textile backing with cut pile or level loop, in different weights and heights.

Sizes:                          from 12 m2
Pile Weight:                900 – 1300 gr/m2
Material:                     100% Polyamid PA
Fire Resistance:           S1
Shapes:                       rectangular, square, oval, round, and cowhide

Broadloom carpet:
Width:                        400 cm
Pile Weight:                 900 – 1400 gr/m2
Material:                     100% Polyamid PA
Material:                     80/20% PA & Wool: from 100 m2
Material:                     100% Wool: from 100 m2

It all depends on the desired look and the practical conditions. Since we strive for high-quality carpets, we advise you to choose blind wrapping, whether or not with a high-quality antiskid carpet underlay. Wrapping with a visible leather frame is possible as well.

Blind banding is a stylish finish with a luxurious look and a lasting result. The carpet is provided with a subtle suede band in a matching color. Because this band is barely visible, we speak of ‘blind banding’.
We also offer the possibility to insert this type of carpet with a high-quality felt anti-slip carpet. With the extra “body” that this creates, we create a carpet that exudes comfort and opulence in every way. This edge finish is not only suitable for private use because of its durability but is also ideal for carpets and floor islands in the project-sphere.