Sell your art as exclusive decoration to renowned interior designers


Increase your revenues by this innovative concept

As an artist, you want to share your art and message with the world.
You want to increase awareness and be better known. Meanwhile, you want to stay exclusive and be recognized for that what your artwork significates.
ARTmeets INTERIOR helps you to do all that by connecting you to the world of interior design.

Art meets Interior in 4 simple steps

  1. Bring your art to a new artistic level by offering digital Art-impressions to the interior world for unique decoration material & products, such as a ceramic wall, wallpaper, rug, printed textile for curtains or furniture.
  2. Get invited to blow people away with a one-of-a-kind impressive on-site creation.
  3. Make a prominent artistic statement with your art-image into interior design (sold as user fee) with a high-quality sublimation printed image of your artwork, signed by your art-signature.
  4. Stay exclusive by using limited edition images. Would you like to exclude certain products? No worries, you decide; your art(y), your party.

Are you working as an autonomous and professional artist?

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Super if you want to sign up! Art meets Interior strives for a gallery with a diversity of contemporary art, taking into account quality, originality and diversity. Thank you for your registration, and we will answer you quickly.