acoustic ceiling panel

Acoustic panels
An acoustic artwork for wall, ceiling, or as room divider:
This FIBER acoustic panel is the new ‘star at the front’ with the looks of felt.
Accompanied by excellent acoustic properties and even more creative possibilities, this acoustic panel is truly a star player. Acoustic comfort in all possible sizes, shapes and designs and therefore also a fantastic visual decoration of the space.

Absorption value of the materials used
In our acoustic products we only use acoustic materials that score well to excellent when it comes to the absorption value. All materials are officially, acoustically tested and we show that in the tables that can be found with all products.

The speech area is between 250 Hertz (bass) and 4000 Hertz (bass).
With speech sound, most sound energy is in the frequency range for which human hearing is most sensitive, namely around 1000 Hz.
You can translate the absorption values ​​as a report mark. Absorption value α 0.9 is the proverbial 9 on the report, so an excellent score. Literally α 0.9 means that 90% of the sound (in the Hertz frequency mentioned) is absorbed and 10% of the sound is reflected.

An example: 10 m2 of acoustic material with an absorption value of 0.50 has as much absorption as 5 m2 of acoustic material with an absorption value of 1.0. The higher the sound absorption of a material, the less you need it.

If you want to compare products from different acoustic providers, do so based on the official acoustic report. If the acoustic report is not listed with the product, ask for it! It is important.

Material: Fiber: 100% PET of which 30% is recycled – 100% recyclable
Finish: Look & Feel of felt
Print width: 98 cm up to 300 cm – max. 1.98 x 3 meters in one piece
Weight Lightweight and strong (dimensional stable): Type 25W44: white 25 mm thickness / Type 40W44: white 40 mm thickness
Print: UV-ink
Use:  indoor
Shape: the FIBER panel can be cut into (almost) any shape
Fire resistant: B1
Divider Foot -Ceiling cables:
• 800 x 300 x 5 mm • metal  • black structured powder coat / for ceiling: 3 cables (not included in the price)
Self-supporting, vertical + horizontal use – Non respirable material – Formaldehyde free
Maintenance: With clean duster or clean, soft brush or with vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle
Acoustic: High sound absorption properties


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