MO(nique) van Doorn, creator and founder of ARTmeets INTERIOR,
is a passionate energetic Dutch creative living in Spain. Creativity being her second nature, has led Mo through some interesting career paths before bringing ARTmeets INTERIOR to life.

After meeting several contemporary artists and working with them, she felt a strong need to help them find more platform
and exposure. She started to look for a project that – let’s face It – would also give her the opportunity to grow, be creative
and use her keen eye for design and style.

It didn’t take long for her to find out how to bring these two worlds together. She started to build a new concept in which Art
and Interior meet. A concept that benefits both sides, injecting a double doses of creativity into the world.

ARTmeets INTERIOR has become a solid bridge; taking interiors and art to a whole new creative level.

MO says: ‘’ Being a Dutch Interior decorator, with a passion for Contemporary Art and a strong wish to customize projects, made me focus on creating a new dimension through which the best for both worlds can be reached.

A whole new spin to increase the added value in a novel way is what brought me to ARTmeets INTERIOR. As a new customized treat to integrate into the international interior decor world. Personalization and digital printing is the future in the modern interior world, so why not join forces and capitalize on this?

With this strong brand, I am aiming to give contemporary art(ists) a total New Look to bring the interior decorating & design world to a higher art-orientated level.

Let’s keep inspiring each other, and redefining mind-blowing interiors, intertwined with contemporary Art!
Looking forward to hearing from you, ‘’