Personalised PRINTERIOR by contemporary ART

Welcome to the innovative printerior world of ARTmeetsINTERIOR (AMI). This ingenious migration connects Today’s art with interior design by digitally printed luxury materials and objects. An advanced and affordable way to implement real art for a unique combination with beautiful atmospheres where contemporary interior decoration and projects are elevated to an exclusive artistic level.

Digitally printed art images on rich and refined ‘Prepaired to Print’ materials and objects of the highest quality. AMI’s carefully selected printing partners are located in The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Italy; with latest digital technology for the best materials, such as textile, metal, wood, ceramic, resin, leather, glass. To realize products like rugs, carpets, tables & table tops, room dividers, tiles, wallpaper, acoustic products, etc.

Contemporary Art, presented on the Online Gallery, contains a wide range of limited-edition art images and original artworks by collaborating emerging and established international artists.

ARTmeetsINTERIOR expresses the best of two creative world, from interior design to printerior design. Get that quintessential inspiring vibe to achieve the most demanding projects. ‘The only limitation is your imagination’.

Art works for bespoke interior design

 Art makes a statement about a company’s values

Why choose Art? Art can have a strong impact and reflect a company’s history and demonstrate its character, style and spirit to employees, clients, partners and prospects. In receptions, boardrooms and every other area of the workplace, a carefully selected piece of art or implemented art-images can send a clear, yet subtle, message to those who see it, expressing and reinforcing brand values if appropriate. It simply gives more energy and makes us feel happier!

‘In the eye of the beholder’