Personalised PRINTERIOR by contemporary ART


ARTmeets INTERIOR (AMI) is an eclectic brand and intermediary connecting Contemporary Art with Interior design: Today’s art-images applied on custom made high-end digitally printed materials and objects.

AMI’s collaboration with selected emerging and established international artists are presented on our online Gallery with a wide range of limited art-impressions and original artworks.

Carefully selected cooperating European printing partners based on quality with latest digital printed technology, to deliver unique personalised designs. For astonishing ambiances: on fabric, metal, wood, glass, ceramic, leather,… Like rugs, carpets, doors, tabletops, room dividers, headboards, tiles, cowhides,…

What about to combine a digitally printed decoration with the original painting or sculpture; or, having the artist make an onsite artwork?
This fusion where ARTmeets INTERIOR enables innovative designer to an exclusive level; and artists to sell and expose their work at top-notch locations. The best of creative worlds, fused into the greatest printed interiors: PRINTERIORS.

Get that quintessential inspiring vibe you need to achieve your most demanding projects. The only limitation is the designer’s imagination. You demand, we deliver.

Only  for  Art – Lovers

Prints by Gabriela Girs, Caroline van der Weide

Connect,   Create  &  Collaborate

Interior   Designer  &  Architect

Take your interior designs to a whole new artistic level, using exclusive art from the greatest emerging & established contemporary artists worldwide, creating unique bespoke printerior products and custom-made designs.

In the eye of the beholder