Personalised PRINTERIOR by contemporary ART

Printed Panels - Artist Ramon Tormes
Welcome to ARTmeetsINTERIOR (AMI); the zone of affordable contemporary art and applied art to achieve just that personal touch for your interior. For that unique and outstanding atmosphere you want to radiate in your house or at your company, AMI is the perfect partner to help and assist you: whether it is for wall-art, sculptures, applied art, or, a combination of these two.

ARTmeetsINTERIOR, specialised in digital printing on high quality materials and objects. Beautiful high resolution art-images and customised art-pattern designs, based on original artworks are merged for unique interior designs.

Art: AMI represents a selective group of emerging artists who distinguish themselves and have their own character in works of art such as paintings, sculptures, objects and furniture designs.

Art as applied art: unique art-images and customised patterns meet the innovative printerior world through ‘ready-to-print’ innovative and sustainable materials of high quality in order to create and digitally print your unique art-impression on wallpaper, carpets, furniture, wooden and glass panels for doors, room dividers and balustrades, etc… even pool decoration belongs to one of the possibilities.

Make your interior original and unique with affordable art!

An advanced way for bespoke and tailor-made interior decoration; elevated to an exclusive artistic level with custom (printed) capabilities.

Our online platform present more than 50 talented autonomous collaborating artists and photographers of international allure presenting more than 500 contemporary artworks. To be combined with unique curated images & designed graphic patterns for exclusive printing. A ingenious migration what connects applied art with interior by digitally printed materials and objects.

Why art? There are many emerging artists who deserve more platform and exposure with their contemporary art.
The user-fee charged for Real artworks are transformed into a special digital format Make your interior original and unique with affordable art!
Since AMI has focused on originality and quality, our customers can rely on a one-stop solution with innovative products and applications. Benefit customised Design & Boost contemporary Art.

AMI’s carefully selected materials for printing are manufactured by the highest quality standards from European producers; materials such as textile, metal, wood, ceramic, resin, leather and glass.

Welcome to the online Art Collection with a wide range of original paintings, sculptures, art-objects; and limited-edition art-images for prints. Get that quintessential visually appealing to achieve the most demanding projects. ‘The only limitation is your imagination’.

Art works for bespoke interior design

‘In the eye of the beholder’